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We handle installations, repairs, warranties and ICBC claims. We replace damaged tops and perform repairs to frames, motors and hydraulic mechanisms. We repair electrical problems, adjust convertible frames and latches, reseal leaky rear windows, clean & treat the fabric and patch the roof if it has been slashed.


When your convertible top requires replacement we only install the best products.  Our suppliers include Gahh, Robbins and Kee Auto Top Manufacturers



 After installation, always leave your new top and window in the up position for at least 48 hours (if PVC Vinyl) and one week for Cloth.  As convertible top frames age, links and joints wear and top frames do not have the same alignment as when convertibles were new. Leaving convertible tops and glass windows in the up position after installation allows them time to relax and adjust, or become "seasoned" to the top frame.


         Wash Tops, Tonneau Covers, etc. in the shade, never in direct sun.

         Wash entire Top, Tonneau Cover, etc. Never spot clean to avoid rings or bright spots.

         Wet entire car before washing Top. Use sponge or soft bristle brush to apply suds. Do not use a chamois or cloth since these will leave lint on Cloth Tops.

         Rinse well with hose making sure to remove all traces of soap. Wipe off excess water with sponge.

         Install Tonneau Covers and Top Boots after cleaning while still damp to preserve fit and shape.

         Try to move Tops into direct sun after cleaning and thorough rinsing to dry. Chamois all excess water off body of car.

         Watch your convertible top (and glass or plastic window) as it is lowered or raised: Watch for any irregular motion, snagging or other problems. If you notice any problems have your top frame examined.


As convertibles age,  top frame, bow links and other frame components no longer have the alignment they did when your convertible was new. Weather seals, top frame pads or straps, side and rear cables, rain rails etc., may need to be replaced to avoid water leakage and damage to tops and glass or plastic window assemblies. Not replacing weather seals can result in wind noise and water leakage when you replace your top. If rust develops on your top frame, have this removed and your top frame repainted to protect your frame and convertible top