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We have a range of Bluetooth solutions ranging from portable visor mount pieces, to Universal in dash installed and OEM style for certain vehicles.  Other options are available in Audio head units or our Navigation units

Installs directly into vehicles audio system and uses the vehicles speakers. Discreet design that installs into a compatible accessory blank for factory installed look. Works with most Bluetooth enabled phones.

• OEM style in-dash flush mounted back-lit switch

• Seamless hands-free use
• Comfort and safety while driving
• Works with most Bluetooth® phones
• Supports mobile phone's voice tag dialing (phone feature)
• Uses existing car speaker
• Multi-user, pairing up to three phones
• No cradle, No wire, No headset
• Adjustable volume control
• Selectable auto connect on incoming call
• 3 Year/60000 K Warranty


Pairing Information

 Follow the supplied pairing instructions for each control switch model to initiate systems pairing mode.

 After entering systems pairing mode:

  1. Follow your cellphone manufacturer’s instructions for placing your cell phone into pairing mode.
  2. Your cell phone will display any Bluetooth devices in the area. Select Advent and enter the passcode 1234.
  3. Your cellphone will confirm that pairing is complete.