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Seat Heaters / Lumbar Support / Massagers

seat heaters wet carbon fibre

Seat Heaters

Seat heaters can be added to leather or cloth interiors.  We only use Carbon Fibre Elements which offer the best quality in heat distribution and all over temperature consistency. A high / low switch is conveniently mounted. 

Suddenly the winter doesn't feel so harsh and driving feels so much more luxurious

heated seats switch
manual lumbar

Lumbar Support

We install manual and power lumbar systems for enhanced back support. 
Having us install a lumbar system is a great way to reduce back-aches and driver fatigue. Lumbar systems are available in a variety of configurations and offer adjustable support for your back and sides.  Power or manual options are available in Shukra lumbar systems.   Power systems have optional 2-way and 4-way configurations, and optional features include memory position. Manual options include lever, ratchet and hand wheel adjustment. 
Bring your vehicle in to discuss what we can do for you.

seat massager

Seat Massagers

We also install Seat Massagers that target the negative effects of driver fatigue. Prolonged driving can create muscle tension and spinal fluid blockage, restrict circulation, dull critical senses and lead to falling asleep at the wheel.

Have us install a seat massager with programmable rhythms and variable speed intensity which works on your back and legs. Seat massagers can help manage stress, improve alertness and maximize comfort while driving.